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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Christian Troy

Inspiration: Nip-Tuck
Image: Julian-fans.com

Nip-Tuck is a fabulous show. This season there are gays, Scientologists, and birth defects, though no one person has or is all of those things. Yes, finally a show about gays and Scientologists that does not hit viewers over the head with Tom Cruise references. Anyway, it looks like Christian has finally realized the homoerotic nature of his relationship with Sean, his best friend and surgical partner. This is good news because it seems so obvious to anyone who watches the show that the relationship between Christian and Sean is quite profound. I'm sure no one can forget the episode in which Sean conveys how betrayed he feels by Christian (who slept with Sean's wife) by telling him, "I loved you the most." However, Christian's realization, possibly too little, too late, is also slightly less than fantastic, because now we have to endure a season of him denying his feelings, punching men who come on to him, and generally being more violently impulsive than usual. At least this turmoil makes for good drama. It is also important for there to be different types of gay representations on TV. I initially had the hope that men watching the show would realize that the bond they share with their poker or football buddies might run much deeper than a 6-pack of Budweiser. But then I remembered that those men don't tend to watch Nip-Tuck. C'est la vie.

Here are more pictures. Christian is dreamy, whether he wants me or not.

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