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Friday, September 22, 2006


It could happen to you

Inspiration: boys suck
Image: happier times, courtesy of lohangroupie.com

So I'm sure you have all heard, courtesy of a certain annoying but well-connected blogger (no not me, I meant Perez) or, more likely, People magazine, that Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton broke up last night. Or rather, Harry dumped Lindsay in the middle of dinner at the Chateau Marmont. Ok, think what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but that really sucks. Dumping someone in public is not acceptable anywhere other than high school. To dump a Hollywood starlet in public seems especially malicious, even if she publically insinuated that she'd rather be dating Johnny Depp or Ashton Kutcher than her actual boyfriend. But whatever. Couldn't Harry have dumped her at his beachhouse or her penthouse? The Chateau is a perennial celebrity hangout and paparazzi playground. If he dumped her there, he might as well have just sent a text message from Paris Hilton's bed.

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