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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It's called a muzzle

Inspiration: Mother of missing boy commits suicide
Image: Nancy Grace

Well the inevitable has finally happened. Nancy Grace and her aggressive approach to 'journalism' (read: angry, condescending ranting) has driven a weak and mentally unstable guest to suicide. The victim was a young mother whose interview ended with Grace "pounding her desk and loudly demanding to know: 'Where were you? Why aren't you telling us where you were that day?'" The next day, the woman killed herself. Now, I haven't really looked into this case, so I don't know if the mother was guilty of anything, be it murder or negligence. But really, Nancy Grace's approach to her guests really doesn't facilitate meaningful discussion. It certainly does not encourage anyone to fess up to anything they may have been hiding. Grace just harangues people, talking over them and repeating the same questions louder and louder until she hears the answer she wants to hear. Once she thinks you are hiding something, she will always think you are hiding something. Say you were a murderer and on her show. You wouldn't break down and admit, "Ugh ok. You're right. I did do it. Sorry!" Not unless you were so sick of hearing her voice that you'd rather sign a plea bargain than be on the Nancy Grace show one moment longer.

Nancy Grace would improve her show and avoid future wrongful death suits if she added a sidekick. Think 'good cop, bad cop.' It works on Law & Order: SVU. Elliot behaves like a psycho and abuses the suspect. Then Olivia or Dr. Wong comes in and butters them up. In 15min, they have a confession. So, who do you think should be Grace's bitch associate?

Vanessa Minnillo - she would add cuteness to the broadcast. she has live experience from MTV TRL and is the smartest girl Nick Lachey has dated.

Thomas Roberts - gay, so he must be nice. and also recently unemployed since Headline News scrapped his 4pm broadcast

Paula Abdul - true, she is a drunk. but she's a *happy* drunk, and the "nice" one on Idol.

On the dot. I think in a prosecutor's eyes, everyone is guilty until proven innocent. But now that Nancy Grace has left that job for a TV career, potentially influencing millions of viewers through her words on a much broader level than a courtroom, she needs to reevaluate her demeanor and display some sensitivity.
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