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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


London, Day 2

Inspiration: largely absent
Images: Style.com

London Fashion Week continued with another day of both underwhelming and overwhelming designs. Here's a quick rundown, since the shows are hardly deserving of more detail.

The Good (this was hard, and it's relative): The best show today was probably Biba. I guess Paul Smith and Jonathan Saunders also had decent moments.

The Bad: All of the shows, really, but especially Ilincic and Preen. ugh.

And the WTF: Gareth Pugh. Just wow.

Cruella De Vil called, she wants her wardrobe back.

Bah. That was too easy.
the bottom row atleast strikes me as conceputal.

meanwhile, the middle row just wishes it has theory to fall back on.
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