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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Milan, Day 1 - Burberry

Inspiration: pastels and preps
Images: style.com - I am too lazy to search elsewhere

I'll blog about one designer at a time for Milan, since there will be more worth talking about for each one. First up is Burberry, which I thought was being shown in Paris. Oops.

Burberry was classically spring - light fabrics and light colors. Pastels to be exact. Though I am sick of everyone seeming so wan, the models were generally pretty and clean looking, thanks to the barely there, but there makeup. My lone styling complaint would be the horrible ankle boots that made many models look like they had stumpy feet.

As for the designs themselves, I was more intrigued by the sullen preppiness of the ornamental male models in the show than by anything the girls were wearing.
However, I did like Jess Stam's coat, the lavender outfit on Hye Park, and the suit on Rachel Alexander -- the blazer more than the pants.
Certain other outfits were just unfortunate, as you can see here.

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