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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Milan Day 1 - Ferragamo and Armani

Inspiration: contrasts
Images: style.com

Though Ferragamo is known more for its fab accessories than for its clothes, this collection had quite a few cute pieces that normal people would actually wear. Instead of the boring whites and dull colors we've seen from designers lately, Ferragamo was not quite so afraid of color. Yellows, greens, and reds brightened this collection. It also helps that the models did not look like death warmed over for once.

On the opposite side of the style and color spectrum from Ferragamo was Armani. While Ferragamo was light and casual, Armani was all about luxe evening wear. After the epic Emporio Armani show in London last week, the patience I allocate each season to Armani's shows has been sapped. But there were the usual silk pantsuits and theatrical black and/or white dresses with ridiculous hats. One after another, after another -- nothing I would really ever wear, unless I was an ultra-glam Golden Girl.

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