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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Milan Day 2 - Prada

Inspiration: no pants day
Images: style.com

For me, Prada's clothing has always been a letdown. Like Ferragamo, Prada has incredible accessories. Unlike Ferragamo, Prada has never pleasantly surprised me with her women's ready-to-wear. Though this collection was a bit more colorful than past collections, and the models showed a bit more skin, I still wouldn't wear these clothes. Style.com says that Miuccia reassured those alarmed by the short dresses by telling them that the dresses were actually shirts, and the models are not wearing bottoms because she didn't design any that she liked. Yes, very reassuring, MiuMiu. I have so much confidence in your talent right now. Plus Prada is one of the most prominent designers to always hire the unhealthiest looking models. Note that Ferragamo did not use the girls pictured below.
In the end, there was only one good outfit. It was good mainly because it was a complete outfit, not just a fringed sack or belted shirt.

So please, unless you are buying this one outfit, keep your Prada consumption to a minimum. Settle for just the bags and shoes -- but not the shoes in the 1st picture to the left on the 2nd row.

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