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Friday, September 29, 2006


Milan Day 3 - Gucci

Inspiration: not Tom Ford
Images: style.com

I'm on vacation, so I am running a bit behind on my Milan Fashion Week updates -- my sincerest apologies. But in this useless time between lunch and happy hour, I will endeavor to catch you all up on Milan Day 3.

First up is Gucci.

Clearly 60s retro is the big theme for next spring, because this has been like the 5th show I've reviewed that has had major mod influences. I really loved the colors in this show. The first half of the show was especially strong, with basic blacks and whites trimmed in bold purples and rich reds and oranges.

The second half focused more on prints, logo prints in particular, which I find distasteful. Gucci also jumped on the annoying 'voluminous shirts with no pants' bandwagon and promoted those ubiquitous babydoll dresses that are unfortunately still in. There were also a few missteps in the evening wear department, with oddly tapered dresses and unflattering flounces of ruffles.

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