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Thursday, September 21, 2006


The new draft

Inspiration: Army Ends Best Recruit Year Since 1997
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Let's all congratulate the Army for a job well-done. The AP is reporting the 80,000th soldier will probably enlist sometime tomorrow, allowing to Army to meet it's recruitment goal a week early this year. In order to reach this milestone, the Army used "new financial incentives, new recruiting approaches, and a bigger recruiting corps." By "new recruiting approaches," I think the AP meant 'intensified recuitment at inner cities high schools and immigration offices.' The AP also notes how the Army raised the maximum age for enlistment to 42, lowered standardized test score requirements, and granted waivers to some recruits with criminal records. Excellent. The journalists at the Chicago Sun-Times were also concerned by these developments and found:

The Army won't issue a "moral waiver" if an applicant:
*Has more than one adult felony offense.
*Has more than four misdemeanor convictions.
*Was convicted of trafficking or distributing drugs.
*Was convicted of any sexually violent offense such as rape, forcible sodomy.
*Was convicted of domestic violence under certain provisions of the law.

Ok, what does "convicted of domestic violence under certain provisions of the law" mean? Are some provisions of domestic violence more acceptable than others? Plus, there is no prohibition on violent felonies other than sex crimes. It appears that you could be an aggravated assaulter or even an attempted murderer and still be welcome in the Army.

Given all of these lowered standards, it is sad that gay people still do not make the cut. And by sad, I mean sad in a philosophical way, not that many gay people are sad that they can't join this "band of brothers." It is sad that our government values middle-aged, borderline retarded criminals more than upstanding LGBT citizens. Everyone knows that if there were more gays and lesbians in the military, there would be less raping and pillaging in Iraqi villages. Instead, there would be more rebuilding redecorating and more concerned discussions about how everyone is 'feeling.' Colonization Occupation would be a more pleasant experience for all involved.

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