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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Remembering our past

Inspiration: creative forgetfulness and slave narratives
Image: Sarah Gudger, an ex-slave interviewed in 1937

Though Bill Cosby has been saying quite a few polarizing things about the black community recently, I think people from all communities should be able to support his latest statement.

The AP reports that Cosby is supporting a campaign to raise $100 million dollars for a national slavery museum to be built in Fredericksburg, VA. The idea is for each American to contribute $8. Why $8? According to the mayor of Richmond, VA, L. Douglas Wilder, "The figure 8, in shape, is both of the shackles, which is the symbol of slavery," yet, "If you turn it on its side, it's the symbol of infinite freedom."

Though I never really associated a figure 8 with anything other than figure skating before, I think Wilder's idea is poetic. Unfortunately, neither the AP nor CNN tells readers how to donate their $8, so I did some research.

There is actually a great website already existing for this museumless museum. You can donate here. And in case anyone was being obtuse enough to wonder, "Um why do we need this museum?" here is your answer:

"At the center of the Museum's mission is the capacity to present the complex issue of slavery in a more balanced, comprehensive and comprehensible manner. Historians now acknowledge the centrality of slavery to the early economic and political development of the United States of America. Yet, in far too many settings slavery is still viewed in a time worn reactionary and jaded manner. It is for this reason that the U.S. National Slavery Museum will become the national repository for an expanded focus on this topic along with scholarly resources to support revisionist efforts that will be directed towards new knowledge, conciliation and ultimately a much better informed public."

Think back on what you were taught in school about slavery. Do you think it was enough? Because if you do, I would really love to meet your high school history teacher.

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