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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Shoot me up (again)

Inspiration: Fear over the 'lunchtime facelift'
Images: NoDoubtweb.com, Dlisted.com

A British study has found that 4/10 botox users (um that would be 2/5 -- why didn't they reduce the fraction?) develop a 'compulsion' for repeated injections. Big surprise. There was already plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this. It's just like dying grey hair -- once you start, you have to keep doing it, or everyone will find out what you were hiding.

Look at all the various aging stars who have hit the botox panic button after their 35th birthdays. Gwen Stefani's forehead was immobilized for the L.A.M.B show this past Friday. Vivica Fox looks like a botoxed trannie on 'Dancing with the Stars,' and Nicole Kidman has been scaring me since 'The Others.' Plus, we all know what has happened to Madonna and Meg Ryan, who took everyone else's botox and raised them a few shots of collagen. I can't even bring myself to post the Meg pics.

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