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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tuesdays are better with Rachael Ray

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If you are bummed about world events, you should watch the "Rachael Ray Show". I don't care if some hardened, bitterly lonely Reuters reviewer believes it is 'potentially annoying.' Though I am at work during syndicated talk show hours and have not seen it, I know the show is great - Rachael is in it, right?

Rachael's varied efforts on the Food Network have influenced my worldview in a way that is only rivaled by 90210 and the X-Files. Though I still do not really cook, I am no longer opposed to the idea. Thanks to Rachael - or RayRay as I embarrassingly think of her - I learned that I could feed myself in the event of an emergency like not having access to a parent, dorm, or employer who would feed me. In addition to the educational value of her shows, I believe Rachael has a powerful endorphic effect on me. Her joy is contagious and transmitted through television waves. I love every loud giggle at her own corny jokes, every jacket she ties around her waist as a wandering tourist, every jar balanced ever so dangerously atop the pile of ingredients she carries across her kitchen...

Rachael is awkward, but so comfortably good at being awkward. I'd be too self-conscious to actually say the bad puns Rachael says out loud, even though I might have thought of them too. The only time Rachael's awkwardness did not give me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside was when I saw that traumatizing FHM spread back in 2003 -- it was like seeing my sister in a twisted domestic roleplay. Anyway, now that Rachael is a friend of Oprah, I doubt she will be tempted by the lurid world of men's magazines again.

Anyway, the Reuters reviewer writes that Rachael is just happy to no longer only be "talking to vegetables." Well if she could make talking to vegetables as entertaining as she did, I'm sure her interactions with people will be even more thrilling. People can talk back, therefore providing more opportunities for Rachael's jokes, puns, and rambling anecdotes. I'm going to buy a TV for my cubicle just so I can watch.

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