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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Whitney update

Inspiration: DARE
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US Weekly is reporting that Whitney's miraculous return to her senses is due, in part, to Courtney Love. Courtney put her in contact with Warren Boyd, her addiction coach, and he and Clive Davis staged a somewhat successful intervention. Clive has already been planning Whitney's comeback album, which is good because US Weekly says she's filing for bankruptcy to protect her assets in the divorce.

I have another idea for a way Whitney can make her crack money back. Imagine a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with both Courtney and Whitney in attendance. Then imagine their blossoming friendship. Would they go shopping and get spa treatments? Would they hit up the Viper Room or Club 740? Would there be diverse love triangles? Would they mutually relapse? This would make a fabulous reality show! Can I pitch this to someone? "CW on the new CW" -- it would be amazing.

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