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Sunday, October 15, 2006


The face of bravery

Inspiration: scotch & soda
Image: dlisted

Patricia Arquette and her husband, Thomas Jane, made an attention-getting appearance at a Johnnie Walker party recently. Though the unfortunate use of plaid in their outfits is balanced out by the cuteness of the couple's attempt to dress in theme, I am confused by Patricia's choice of this extremely low-cut strapless dress. I feel nervous just looking the picture. How could anyone feel comfortable wearing a dress like this with breasts like that? Did Patricia sit sedately all night, looking down periodically 'just in case' and anxiously adjusting her dress each time she had to stand? Or was she able to drink and dance the night away with her husband in spite of her precarious position? If so, was Patricia's confidence a result of industrial-strength double-sided tape, or the endless flow of free scotch at the party? Personally, I think it was the scotch, but if Patricia actually did find a tape that could support that amount of weight, she deserves a big endorsement deal -- as long as she promises not to wear any more plaid.

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