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Monday, October 16, 2006


For a good cause

Inspiration: putting the fun in fundraising
Image: crunk + disorderly

Vivica Fox and Lisa Rinna teamed up this weekend to raise money for domestic violence prevention, as it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, Vivica and Lisa raised this money by selling makeovers -- as if domestic violence isn't already sad enough! For the sake of all would-be philanthropists, let's hope that a Fox/Rinna makeover is limited to a haircut and a trip to the MAC counter.

To be honest, Lisa Rinna has always looked a bit off. From Days of Our Lives to Melrose Place to Dancing with the Stars, her lips have never been the same size twice. From the looks of this picture, Lisa also had cheek implants and/or blended her blush horribly, which makes the idea of receiving a makeover from her even less appealing. Vivica is actually the real disappointment, since she was once naturally beautiful. She doesn't look like Amanda Lepore (yet), but I wouldn't say Viv looks good either, given that her face barely moves. Though we all know that 'black don't crack,' Vivica definitely bought herself some extra insurance, along with these amazing gravity-defying boobs.

Given societal pressures, actresses can't allow themselves to just age naturally. Not even average women feel that the natural route is an option anymore. However, actresses could still age gracefully by listening to capable and ethical plastic surgeons (they are out there) when they say, "No." My theory is that the talented plastic surgeons refuse to do these unnecessary procedures, which forces actresses to turn to unscrupulous, but enterprising hacks who dispense boob jobs, facelifts, and the injectables with no questions asked. Seriously, haven't these people seen awfulplasticsurgery.com? Just stop already.

along with gravity-defying boobs, vivica also has gorgeous glowing skin. i want whatever lotion/bronzer she's using - hot.
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