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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Friends forever

Inspiration: The Simple Life
Images: oddly, chinadaily.com
and Google Images

Finally -- Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are friends again. This reunion has been rumored for several weeks now, and Paris Hilton has confirmed, "I love Nicole, and I'm so glad we're friends again. I missed her, she's like my sister - we've known each other 23 years. I'm glad we can put the feud behind us. I'm really happy she's back in my life." Nicole and Paris recently had a celebratory slumber party, which, judging by these photos, apparently was documented the morning after by the paparazzi (and yeah, Nicole appears to be barefoot).

Paris and Nicole's reunion fortuitously coincides with the start of production on the next season of the Simple Life, whose producers have balked at the prospect of spending another season filming the girls separately. Funny how life's little problems can work themselves out.

For a while, I thought the rift between Paris and Nicole was purely for publicity. Everyone loves a good celebrity feud. Plus, pretending to fight with your best friend and creating awkward moments for your mutual friends sounds sort of fun. But alas, any hope I had of Paris and Nicole swapping clandestinely friendly text messages was obliterated when the infamous Hilton Sidekick was hacked and no messages from Nicole were found. Nicole did not even appear in the topless photos saved on the phone's camera! This was disappointing.

On the last season of The Simple Life, Paris and Nicole were frequently asked by their host families why they were fighting. Paris always seemed surprisingly introspective and sad when discussing Nicole, while Nicole seemed to hide her hurt with an outer shell of bitterness. I can't blame them for feeling sad; their replacement best friends paled in comparison. Paris especially did poorly in the 'new best friend' department with the skanky Kimberly Stewart and greasy, disgusting Brandon Davis. Nicole fared better with Mischa Barton, but still, it wasn't the same.
Both Paris and Nicole have also had failed experiments in best friendship with Lindsay Lohan. Paris and Lindsay were doomed because they flirt with each other's boyfriends, and Nicole and Lindsay seem to have drifted since Nicole has stopped being mad at Paris.

Second chances are rare, and I am pulling for Nicole and Paris. Perhaps Paris will be able to share her love for In 'N Out with Nicole, and Nicole will be able to mediate the Hilton-Lohan feud. Together, Paris and Nicole will bring young Hollywood together again, making everyone's life a little simpler.

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