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Monday, October 23, 2006


Gwen is back

Inspiration: high on a hill was a lonely goatherd...
Image: nodoubtweb

So here is Gwen Stefani's new song, "Wind It Up." The lyrics are as meaningless as they were on her last album, but the track itself is one of the most interesting I've heard in a while. Though I don't actually know how Pharrell or Gwen got the idea to mix in the yodelling song from the puppet show in The Sound of Music, I'm going to go ahead and blame the baby (though I hold Gwen solely accountable for the baby's mohawk).

Babies can completely turn careers upside down. For example, Angelina and Brad are shunning steamy sex scenes in future movies -- will any of their films be worth seeing again? Though Gwen's situation is less dire, I think the purity and innocence of The Sound of Music can take her career only so far before it simply becomes too disturbing.

Fortunately, the results of the Fräulein Maria effect for this one song are surprisingly amazing, though still unsettling. I can't wait to see the trippy video. I want to see Gwen in ledenhosen milking a goat while Harajuku girls skip around in a circle holding hands. It would sort of be like this picture, except there would be an ugly goat instead of a l.a.m.b. The goat would be chewing on the Harajuku girls' cell phones, and there would be rapidly blooming flowers that explode into rainbows and fairy dust.

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