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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The latest victim

Inspiration: tragedy
Images: hollywoodtuna.com

I am so sad right now. I have just learned that sometime within the last few months, Rose McGowen has followed in Christina Ricci's footsteps and gone on the coke.meth.cig.vomit diet. Though Rose owes her fame to her curvy figure and bouncy boobs, as evidenced in movies like Scream and her red carpet appearances with Marilyn Manson, she is turning her back on her moneymaker(s). Clearly, Rose was never meant to be superthin, since her boobs and hips are still bigger than those of her sister starlets in suffering, but her efforts have left her looking oddly proportioned and uncomfortable. The most noticeable difference is her face. It looks old and tired, like the result of unnecessary weight loss and bad plastic surgery. Her eyes are starting to have that droopy Star Jones look. Gone is the confidently voluptuous homicidal teen I looked up to in C-movies like Devil in the Flesh and Jawbreaker. Look at these before and after pictures -- weep and mourn for Rose, and don't let this happen to you!

she looks as scary as hilary duff, now...
what a crying shame..
(she used to be hott :)
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