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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Making up, breaking up, hooking up

Inspiration: love's labours lost (sometimes)
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Rumors are flying that Beyonce's lil' sis Solange is cheating on her NFL husband, Daniel Smith, with rapper Lil' Wayne, who is cheating on Trina. Are Solange and Lil' Wayne mentally handicapped? Trina is the baddest bitch, and she will beat both of their cheating asses down. It will be awesome.

Speaking of cheaters, Eva Longoria found more than just spring fashions in Paris last week, but also her briefly lost love for Tony Parker. Whether Tony cheated on Eva with his skanky blonde ex-gf in NYC or Eva cheated on Tony with Mario Lopez, these two are refusing to break up, and it is annoying as hell. Clearly, the gossip would be better if Eva were single and on the prowl.

Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner have quickly rebounded from their non-breakup breakup. Nicole is now seeing Samuel Plouchart, whose attraction to her at least makes sense given his occupation as a fashion editor at Citizen K. Meanwhile, Brody Jenner can't seem to break out of the Laguna Beach loop and is dating Lauren Conrad, who insists that they are "just friends." We all know what that means.

MK Olsen also has a new boyfriend, as she has been dating DashMax Snow for the past month. [Edited to add: ok I was wrong, MK is dating Max Snow not Dash Snow. Thanks for pointing this out, anonymous commenter. But nonetheless Dash seems more interesting.] I don't know much about Max, but I did a little research and found that Max's brother Dash Snow is a typical New York 'artist' - a photographer in the style of Nan Goldin. Dash, of course, likes to drink and perhaps even do drugs. He is like the Pete Doherty of the photography world. Dash is actually starting to be a pretty big deal and is even featured in the Whitney Biennial Catalogue.

Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice Melanie Brown are still dating, in case anyone was wondering, and they are more serious than any of the couples I just mentioned. Murphy is integrating Mel into his family, and the two are rumored to be thinking of marriage. Scary.

Even scarier is a Star magazine rumor involving Michael Knight, everyone's favorite contestant on Project Runway. Allegedly, Michael is hooking up with Brandy. Ugh, I know. I still think Michael is gay. Star is not the most reliable source, and Brandy is a crazy bitch. Michael wouldn't go there, right?

Listen man! Max is Dash's brother. They also have a sister named Caroline! Check your facts if you insist on having a blog!
Thanks for straightening me out. At the time I wrote this blog, the comments I read on other sites said that she was dating Dash instead of Max, or that Max was Dash. No one had clearly explained that they were two seperate people, and out on the West Coast no one knows who they are anyway. But thanks again for your comment! :)
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