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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Milan Day 4 - Versace

Inspiration: 80s glamazon
Images: style.com

As easy as it would be to hate her, I do not hate Donatella Versace. Or, at least, I don't hate her clothes. They are always traditionally glamorous, which is what I always thought fashion was supposed to be. Too many designers have fallen into the 'ugly is pretty' way of thinking that has alienated mainstream culture from the fashion world. In the 80's, models were beautiful. They were Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington. The clothes were bold, body hugging, and ostentatious. Now models are unhealthy and gaunt looking and are too often dressed in unflattering, 'conceptual' outfits that no rational person should ever dream of wearing. Donatella Versace has been criticized for not innovating and sticking too close to her brother's vision. However, that vision of fashion is one that is being lost today with every horrible Marc Jacobs show that gets rave raviews.

This season Donatella Versace, as she always does, presented styles that were eyecatching and flattering. Like Roberto Cavalli's designs, many of Versace's outfits look good on women with actual bodies. Salma Hayek wore Versace to the Oscars last season and looked way better than the tiny little girl who wore it on the runway. Versace's cuts are usually streamlined and body-hugging. You will rarely see the odd tulip skirts and puffy blouses that other designers have popularized lately. The worst designs from this show were actually those that tried too hard to innovate, like dresses with odd metallic trimming and cut-out collars, So here are the highlights (and lowlights) of the show:

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