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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Oh no he didn't!

Inspiration: if you don't have anything good to say...
Images: Dr. Burke vs. Dr. O'Malley

So it's old news that Isaiah Washington gave Patrick Dempsey the smackdown on the Grey's set a couple weeks ago. However this week the National Enquirer has an important new detail to report. While he was busy choking Patrick, Isaiah allegedly said, "I’m not your little f*ggot like ____.” The Enquirer is pretending to have some journalistic integrity by not outing the actor to whom Isaiah was referring. But I have no such integrity. If Isaiah said this, and I don't want to believe that he did, but if he did, then he was referring to T.R. Knight, a.k.a. George. I'm not just saying this because T.R.'s character is a wimp and is therefore gay. I have a much more nuanced gaydar than that. Rather, I think Isaiah was referring to T.R. because other articles about the fight have already said that Isaiah said "something mean," which caused Patrick tell Isaiah to "pick on someone your own size," which caused Isaiah to grab Patrick by the throat. Charming.

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