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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Paris, Day 3 - Balenciaga and Dior

Inspiration: the 24th century and odd bowl cut hair
Images: style.com

Someday soon I will go back and recap the highlights from the last two days of Milan and the first two days of Paris. But I don't want to fall any further behind, so I will jump straight into the Paris shows from yesterday.

Nicholas Ghesquiere, the head designer for Balenciaga, is not only dark and broodingly hot, but he is also a genius. Ghesquiere's designs are often clearly rooted in specific histories, as is the case with his fabulous Napoleonic military jackets. This season, however, Ghesquiere's inspiration was the future -- a sleek and shiny future. Though I loved the minimalism and the clean lines, at times the future was a bit too shiny. Ghesquiere is a genius but he is not flawless as a designer. Patent leather is not a material to be used so freely. It tends to photograph a bit like vinyl or pleather, which makes very expensive clothes look sort of tacky. But in case anyone could forget how pricey these clothes are, Ghesquiere was sure to add metallics to create the illusion of robotic armor. Sweet. It's the look I have always dreamed of working, and I can't wait to see Kate Moss parading around town in these ultra-skinny gold metallic leggings.

Quite different than Balenciaga's collection was Christian Dior, still led by John Galliano. Galliano has always been criticized for taking too couture an approach to ready-to-wear, resulting in commercially unviable collections. This season, it seems Galliano has finally internalized this criticism, and toned everything down. Unfortunately, 'toned down' resulted in a lot of boring. Drab old lady outfits, to be exact. The evening wear was better, but not particularly stunning. Also, the models looked like corpses, except for Bianca Balti, who did look like death, but with a tan.

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