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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Paris Day 3 - Gaultier

Inspiration: retrospective
Images: style.com

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrated his 30th anniversary in business by offering a retrospective highlighting his most memorable (read: shocking) design moments before introducing his Spring 2007 collection. Here are some highlights of those highlights:

Though his new designs were not nearly as shocking to the audience as his cone bras were in the early 90's, Gaultier did manage to shock attendees when a plus size -- and I do not mean size 10 -- model sauntered down the runway in an getup reminiscent of Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie. Sadly, no one could be bothered to design a more flattering outfit for her. Of course, the Style.com review of the show did not even mention that model or even the one elderly model (even though she was thin). I guess if the online team at Vogue didn't have anything good to say, they chose not to say it.

Though I admire Gaultier for being the only major designer to address the weight debate directly on the runway this year, his point would have been better made by having numerous curvy models sharing the runway with the skinny girls. I am fairly certain that most people who dislike stick thin models do not actually want to see obese models instead. I know that I'd rather see Marilyn Monroe than Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid.'

Other than the unfortunate black lacey lingerie, most of Gaultier's new designs were colorful and bright. These clothes were more fun than sexy. There were neon babydoll dresses and sporty running suit looks morphed into outlandish Gaultier designs. Though Gaultier's clothes are difficult to wear, his shows are always a guaranteed good time. Besides, who wouldn't want a neon green taffetta flouncy ruffle dress with matching bloomers?

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