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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Paris, Day 4 - Hussein Chalayan

Inspiration: 'now-ism'
Images: style.com

Hussein Chalayan just took futurism in fashion to the next level. Instead of depending on shiny, metallic fabrics as Balenciaga did to evoke a robotic feel, Chalayan actually used robotic clothing. According to Style.com,

"clothes began to twitch, move, and reconfigure of their own accord.
The mono-bosom top opened, the jacket retreated, the hemline
started to rise, and—finally, amazingly—there she was, wearing a
crystal-beaded flapper dress: a woman propelled through fashion
history from 1895 to the twenties in the space of a minute."

Like, whoa. Here are some of the more 'advanced' or conceptual designs presented at the show, followed by the more traditional pieces. The dress pictured immediately below actually had moving panels and a hat that changed shape.

his show was crazy! i wanna see how he did it.
what the hell is going on in the first two rows??

that siad, the hat and hoodie pictured in the bottom row are BANGIN.
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