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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Paris, Day 5 - Emanuel Ungaro

Inspiration: neon
Images: style.com

Peter Dundas came to Ungaro from Cavalli last season. Dundas apparently is determined to bring the gaudy, over-the-top Cavalli aesthetic to his work at Ungaro, but Ungaro has always sort of been that way too, so Dundas is a good fit. Though Cavalli tends to go for metallics, leathers, and furs, Dundas has focused more on bright, sometimes neon colors, with some metallics thrown in.

Unlike most of the outfits above, the Ungaro dresses were actually pretty, though the designs reminded me more than a little of the Versace ones from last season. To avoid being a total copycat (though everybody is), Dundas made the dresses more 'spring' by using lighter georgette fabric and shortening them. Ungaro is the top row, Versace is the bottom. Look especially at top half of the dresses - the straps and the roushing at the middle.

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