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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Rumsfeld's favorite picture

Inspiration: the haves and have nots
Image: dailymail.co.uk via drudgereport.com

According to the cleverly titled Daily Mail article, "North Korea might now have The Bomb, but it doesn't have much electricity," no one in North Korea, except Kim Jong-il and his closest friends, has access to electricity after 9pm.

At first I thought this rationing was funny -- funny sad, not funny haha -- because 9pm is when people need lights and heaters. But then I remembered that they don't have lights and heaters in North Korea. Families just go to sleep at 9pm huddled together under heavy blankets (they do have those, right) so they can get up at 5am and spend another day doing their best to avoid dying of malnutrition, or getting arrested and shipped off to one of Kim Jong-il's 'secret' prisons.

In case any of you are dying to see the joys of North Korea for youself, you can use Google Earth to look for Kim Jong-il's extravagantly electrofied palaces and hidden prison camps. Other enterprising bloggers have had some luck.

I, Kim Jong-il thank you, and my brother Mental Lee-il thanks you for your excellent report.

In truth, I'm really anti North Korean, I just wanted to see "Mental Lee-il" written out.
David Letterman says it just about everynight.
Hello! I'm a recent college grad. teaching English in South Korea. I stumbled across this post while surfing the blogosphere to keep up with the "American reality" (whatever that is). I appreciate knowing that there are other Americans who give a damn about what's going on in other parts of the world. Keep up the good work!
At least the embargo on luxury goods will keep Kim Jong Il from importing his famous French cuisine for a few weeks.

Very sad. But considering they dont have electricity, wouldn't a night-invasion be hugely successful? Or do they just have endless stretches of minefields?
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