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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


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Inspiration: Beckham: hottest coach ever
Image: the man, the myth

Now you can not only aspire to bend it 'like' Beckham, but if you have enough cash, you could bend it with him too. British papers are reporting that David Beckham is opening the 'David Beckham Soccer Academy' in LA (that's why it's 'soccer' and not 'football'). Apparently, Posh Spice Victoria is determined to worm her way into the Hollywood scene using her only available resource -- her husband. I'm sure she is arranging some sort of mid-season career ending injury in order to expedite their move from Madrid to LA. But I digress. The article claims that Beckham's first student will be the adorable Maddox Jolie-Pitt (who already shares Beckham's love of the mohawk).

I wonder if Beckham will accept adults in his program. If not, I will just hire a child actor to pose as my son, and then lure Beckham away from this synthetic lifeform his wife.

The expense of hiring a child actor, the pain of actual childbirth, and even the danger of kidnapping would all be worth it for the chance to spend some quality parent-teacher time with Becks.

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