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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Survival of the fittest

Inspiration: Paris: "Shanna Attacked Me"
Images: Paris/Stavros & Shanna/Travis
Here is further confirmation that there are only two things that distinguish celebrities from the guests on Jerry Springer: money and plastic surgery.

Early Wednesday morning at Hyde, Shanna Moakler (ex-Miss USA) gave Paris Hilton the classic Springer smackdown in front of all their friends. The aftermath was captured by the stalkerazzi at TMZ. Jealous over Paris's fling with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Travis Barker, Shanna started 'screaming obscenities' and then punched Paris in the jaw -- a move I suspect Shanna learned from her other ex Oscar de la Hoya.

Though Travis was not there to witness the psychological and physical pain he has brought on the women in his life, Paris's loyal ex Stavros Niarchos was on hand to defend her from Shanna's coke-fuelled rage. Shanna alleged to the LAPD that Stavros dumped a drink on her head and then pushed her down some stairs. Paris also paid her friends at the department a visit to file her own complaint against Shanna. It's good to see that Paris's recent legal troubles did not instill in her the same fear of the LAPD that most other people have.

The only element missing from this story was chair throwing, or maybe Jell-O wrestling. However, I am surprised that Paris did not hit Shanna back. Either someone actually taught Paris that two wrongs don't make a right, or she is actually on probation for her DUI. Too bad though, because I do think Shanna is a crazy bitch. Good thing Stavros has no qualms committing violence against women!

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