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Monday, October 16, 2006


This is why I love the BritishWelsh

Inspiration: though lovers be lost love shall not
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Keira Knightley's mother, Sharman MacDonald, has written a screenplay centering on a 1945 incident in which Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' friend Vera's husband laid siege on Dylan's home with machine guns and grenades after the men clashed earlier at a local pub. Though it would take more than bullets and explosives to bring down Dylan Thomas -- 18 straight whiskeys would eventually do the trick -- William Killick, an army captain (hence the weapons), was arrested and charged (unsuccessfully) with attempted murder. These events have become local legend, as residents of New Quay, Wales planned reenactments of the fight to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dylan's death.

Unfortunately, from the sources I've read so far, I'm still not sure what the cause of the fight actually was. The 'cleaner' version of the story, courtesy of the New Quay town site, blames the siege on William's anger over Dylan kicking him out of a bar because he was rude to Dylan's Russian friend. More interesting is the idea that the fight was sparked by William's disdain for the Thomases' 'bohemian' lifestyle -- this is the more provocative lens through which Keira's mom orients her screenplay.

Even though Keira took the part of Vera Phillips months ago, American media did not find this film newsworthy until today, when it was announced that Lindsay Lohan has joined the cast as Caitlin. According to Lindsay, Caitlin and Vera's relationship will have "somewhat of a lesbian undertone." I must admit my uncertainty over what "somewhat of a lesbian undertone" actually means. It must be more lesbionic than Desperate Housewives but less so than Xena. But were they so gay that they drove William Killick into a murderous rage? Can't wait to find out.

Of course, the big bloggers have hit the ground running with this story, gleefully announcing that Lindsay and Keira will "get it on!!!" Now, if by "get it on," they mean create an atmosphere of possibly historically unsubstantiated lesbian subtextual tension, then yes, Keira and Lindsay will get it on. Hot.

In case anyone was wondering, here are the real Dylan and Caitlin. Can't find a picture of Vera, but judging from the company she kept, she did not look like Keira Knightley. So if the producers have now cast Lindsay as Caitlin, then they should cast Jude Law or Colin Farrell, if realism is a must, as Dylan. It would only be fair.

1. Well, his name is "Kill"ick after all.

2. It could mean that these homely (read: ugly) people will be made beautiful in the movie. Or it could mean these beautiful actresses will be made ugly. Hmm... do I smell a desperate bid for Best Actress pour l'Oscars?

3. Xena and Gabrielle weren't gay. There were just really really really really really close friends who engaged in activities that were very very very homoerotic in that sisterly way.

4. :P
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