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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


K. Fed KO'ed

Inspiration: Divorce
Image: This is Britney after appearing on Letterman the other night. How sad that this outfit is seen as an 'improvement.'

Britney finally filed for divorce from K. Fed yesterday, claiming that 'a string of events' led to the demise of their love. Of course, Britney wants full-custody of the Federbrats and has hired power divorce attorney Laura Wasser to ensure her victory (not that victory here is really in question). Fortunately, the prenup is reportedly 'iron-clad' and will prevent K.Fed from making any more of a profit off Britney than he already has. Thanks to TMZ, here are the divorce documents in PDF form.

Looks like K.Fed will have to make his living off his music career (ha) and 'wrestling' appearances now. You know Shar Jackson is laughing her ass off right now!

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