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Saturday, September 23, 2006


London, Day 5

Inspiration: yawn
Images: style.com

Oh I am so glad London Fashion Week is over. The best British designers -- Burberry and Stella McCartney -- actually show in Paris. Don't worry, Paris Fashion Week is coming soon, after Milan this week. Anyway, here are the styles and trends from the last day in London.

Trench-inspired, but sack-like dresses paired with headwraps with silver tassels on each side of the head from Hamish Morrow - sadly the highlight of his collection of ill-fitting, dully colored designs.

White lacy stockings from Erdem

Prison couture from Erdem

Pretty dress, cool proportions, and a neat short trench from Erdem


Remembering our past

Inspiration: creative forgetfulness and slave narratives
Image: Sarah Gudger, an ex-slave interviewed in 1937

Though Bill Cosby has been saying quite a few polarizing things about the black community recently, I think people from all communities should be able to support his latest statement.

The AP reports that Cosby is supporting a campaign to raise $100 million dollars for a national slavery museum to be built in Fredericksburg, VA. The idea is for each American to contribute $8. Why $8? According to the mayor of Richmond, VA, L. Douglas Wilder, "The figure 8, in shape, is both of the shackles, which is the symbol of slavery," yet, "If you turn it on its side, it's the symbol of infinite freedom."

Though I never really associated a figure 8 with anything other than figure skating before, I think Wilder's idea is poetic. Unfortunately, neither the AP nor CNN tells readers how to donate their $8, so I did some research.

There is actually a great website already existing for this museumless museum. You can donate here. And in case anyone was being obtuse enough to wonder, "Um why do we need this museum?" here is your answer:

"At the center of the Museum's mission is the capacity to present the complex issue of slavery in a more balanced, comprehensive and comprehensible manner. Historians now acknowledge the centrality of slavery to the early economic and political development of the United States of America. Yet, in far too many settings slavery is still viewed in a time worn reactionary and jaded manner. It is for this reason that the U.S. National Slavery Museum will become the national repository for an expanded focus on this topic along with scholarly resources to support revisionist efforts that will be directed towards new knowledge, conciliation and ultimately a much better informed public."

Think back on what you were taught in school about slavery. Do you think it was enough? Because if you do, I would really love to meet your high school history teacher.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Who does Christian really want?


Inspiration: The View
Images: starpulse.com

I love Nip-Tuck because it is stylish and provocative, and Julian McMahon is god. Over the years, there have been many, many sex scenes on the show focusing mostly on Christian's hot, albeit unevenly tanned, ass. They don't focus on boobs nearly as often as one might think. I don't really remember seeing Famke Janssen, Brooke Shields, Sanaa Lathan, or any other higher profile female guest stars' boobs. But this Tuesday, we will see a high profile boob. It will belong to Rosie O'Donnell. Her character is some lucky bitch who wins Powerball and chooses to spend her winnings on plastic surgery and to use her wealth to seduce Christian.

As much as I like to think that I am open-minded about sexuality -- pretty much everything is fine with me, as long as it's not something I'd see on an episode of SVU (or on a fetish site) -- I find myself being grossed out at the thought of Rosie naked with Christian Troy. I think it is wrong. If we allow this scene on TV, what's next? Bestiality? Incest? The government needs to step in.

Seriously though, at the end of a long day of screwing charity cases and skanky sluts, who does Christian really wish was in his black satin-sheeted bed? I don't like Julia. I was pulling for Kimber, but now she's a Scientologist. I buy that Christian has repressed homoerotic impulses, but Sean is boring and not that hot. Why couldn't things have gone further with AC Slater Dr. Mike Hamoui?


It could happen to you

Inspiration: boys suck
Image: happier times, courtesy of lohangroupie.com

So I'm sure you have all heard, courtesy of a certain annoying but well-connected blogger (no not me, I meant Perez) or, more likely, People magazine, that Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton broke up last night. Or rather, Harry dumped Lindsay in the middle of dinner at the Chateau Marmont. Ok, think what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but that really sucks. Dumping someone in public is not acceptable anywhere other than high school. To dump a Hollywood starlet in public seems especially malicious, even if she publically insinuated that she'd rather be dating Johnny Depp or Ashton Kutcher than her actual boyfriend. But whatever. Couldn't Harry have dumped her at his beachhouse or her penthouse? The Chateau is a perennial celebrity hangout and paparazzi playground. If he dumped her there, he might as well have just sent a text message from Paris Hilton's bed.


London, Days 3-4

Inspiration: the 20's, the 60's, contrasting colors
Images: style.com

Here are some of the trends from the past two days of London Fashion Week. Many overlap quite a bit, thanks to the 100+ outfits in the Emporio Armani collection. Why can't Giorgio Armani condense his shows? They are always incredibly long, and there are always 20 versions each of the same 5 outfits. I will do my best to summarize.

Neo-Mod party dresses from Christopher Kane:

Flappers from Basso & Brooke:

Lopsided Hats from Basso & Brooke and Emporio Armani:

Black, Red, White at Emporio Armani:

Silk/satin overload from Armani and Giles:

Unflattering designs/fabrics from Giles, Marios Schwab, and Sinha-Stanic:

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The new draft

Inspiration: Army Ends Best Recruit Year Since 1997
Image: classic

Let's all congratulate the Army for a job well-done. The AP is reporting the 80,000th soldier will probably enlist sometime tomorrow, allowing to Army to meet it's recruitment goal a week early this year. In order to reach this milestone, the Army used "new financial incentives, new recruiting approaches, and a bigger recruiting corps." By "new recruiting approaches," I think the AP meant 'intensified recuitment at inner cities high schools and immigration offices.' The AP also notes how the Army raised the maximum age for enlistment to 42, lowered standardized test score requirements, and granted waivers to some recruits with criminal records. Excellent. The journalists at the Chicago Sun-Times were also concerned by these developments and found:

The Army won't issue a "moral waiver" if an applicant:
*Has more than one adult felony offense.
*Has more than four misdemeanor convictions.
*Was convicted of trafficking or distributing drugs.
*Was convicted of any sexually violent offense such as rape, forcible sodomy.
*Was convicted of domestic violence under certain provisions of the law.

Ok, what does "convicted of domestic violence under certain provisions of the law" mean? Are some provisions of domestic violence more acceptable than others? Plus, there is no prohibition on violent felonies other than sex crimes. It appears that you could be an aggravated assaulter or even an attempted murderer and still be welcome in the Army.

Given all of these lowered standards, it is sad that gay people still do not make the cut. And by sad, I mean sad in a philosophical way, not that many gay people are sad that they can't join this "band of brothers." It is sad that our government values middle-aged, borderline retarded criminals more than upstanding LGBT citizens. Everyone knows that if there were more gays and lesbians in the military, there would be less raping and pillaging in Iraqi villages. Instead, there would be more rebuilding redecorating and more concerned discussions about how everyone is 'feeling.' Colonization Occupation would be a more pleasant experience for all involved.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Union forever

Inspiration: When is thin too thin
Images: Fashion Spot and style.com

So those jaded New Yorkers at Bryant Park last week finally noticed that all is not well in the state of fashion. Eric Wilson's article in today's NY Times quotes Linda Wells, Allure editor, describing audience gasps at the sight of certain models: "“What becomes alarming is when you see bones and start counting ribs." Indeed. Finally an editor at a prominent magazine who is not taking Anna Wintour's crazy pills.

Wilson also found models who have not forgotten that the rest of the world does not find the living dead attractive. The thin, but not frighteningly so, Jessica Stam said, "I don'’t know if they are healthy or not, but I don't think the frail, fragile look is very feminine, and I don'’t think it'’s attractive." Right on, Jess.

Milla Jovovich went one step farther and actually demanded that steps be taken to fix this problem. She said, "There need to be more rules and regulations within the modeling industry. A lot of problems that are very gray areas need to be put in black and white." If only Jovovich's design partner Carmen Hawk shared her thinking. Hawk certainly looks like she could benefit from those clarifications:

Though the 'grey area' could be cleared if designers and their booking agents started hiring exclusively healthy looking models, I find it extremely unlikely that Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada will radically shift their aesthetic paradigm anytime soon.

If there are models out there who haven't completely internalized this aesthetic, then they have to make their voices heard -- models need to unionize.

Most models are Eastern European teenage girls living in the crowded apartments providing by various modeling agencies throughout NYC. These girls can hardly speak English and are here on work visas. If a 125lbs model is told to drop 5lbs by a booking agent, she's not going to tell that agent to fuck off --that would mean a one-way ticket back to Slovakia. Instead, she lives and dies on the whims of the fashion world, which is fine, to a point. Clothes, shoes, bags, hairstyles, and makeup are all whims of fashion. Preferences for certain ethnicities, gender presentations, and heights are also whims. However, these latter whims push the boundaries of social responsibility -- think underrepresented people of color, self-hatred, and painful high heels. Weight is an example of a quite dangerous whim because it seems so easy to manipulate. If you are short, you can't really take a pill to get taller. But if you're already tall, and you see weight as your barrier to success, then there are a lot of options available, and most aren't healthy.

A models' union would be able to provide support and resources for models who feel unduly exploited or pressured by their agencies. It should be SAG-like in structure, but have the unique concerns of young vulnerable women in mind. As in the case of actors, few models are irreplaceable (Kate and Gisele being the most notable exceptions). Because of their precarious position, models would have to unionize in secret, with support from successful models -- a tall order, since most popular models are barely 20 and are extremely busy trying to keep those nameless 16 year old Slovakians from taking their place. But if the actors could do it, I'm sure the models could too.


Whitney update

Inspiration: DARE
Images: from Netscape

US Weekly is reporting that Whitney's miraculous return to her senses is due, in part, to Courtney Love. Courtney put her in contact with Warren Boyd, her addiction coach, and he and Clive Davis staged a somewhat successful intervention. Clive has already been planning Whitney's comeback album, which is good because US Weekly says she's filing for bankruptcy to protect her assets in the divorce.

I have another idea for a way Whitney can make her crack money back. Imagine a Narcotics Anonymous meeting with both Courtney and Whitney in attendance. Then imagine their blossoming friendship. Would they go shopping and get spa treatments? Would they hit up the Viper Room or Club 740? Would there be diverse love triangles? Would they mutually relapse? This would make a fabulous reality show! Can I pitch this to someone? "CW on the new CW" -- it would be amazing.

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