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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Paris, Day 2 - Givenchy

Inspiration: fug
Image: style.com

A picture is worth a thousand words, two are worth two thousand. I just don't know what Riccardo Tisci was thinking.


Paris, Day 4 - Valentino

Inspiration: pretty predictable
Images: style.com

Valentino sort of looks the same every season, but it never looks bad. These are clothes for the type of woman who can never stand to be anything but predictably pretty. The tiered dresses are getting a little old though, so Valentino better find a new theme soon.


Paris, Day 4 - Hussein Chalayan

Inspiration: 'now-ism'
Images: style.com

Hussein Chalayan just took futurism in fashion to the next level. Instead of depending on shiny, metallic fabrics as Balenciaga did to evoke a robotic feel, Chalayan actually used robotic clothing. According to Style.com,

"clothes began to twitch, move, and reconfigure of their own accord.
The mono-bosom top opened, the jacket retreated, the hemline
started to rise, and—finally, amazingly—there she was, wearing a
crystal-beaded flapper dress: a woman propelled through fashion
history from 1895 to the twenties in the space of a minute."

Like, whoa. Here are some of the more 'advanced' or conceptual designs presented at the show, followed by the more traditional pieces. The dress pictured immediately below actually had moving panels and a hat that changed shape.


Paris, Day 3 - Vivienne Westwood

Inspiration: the crazy aunt you wish you had
Images: style.com

Vivienne Westwood, beloved queen of punk fashion, worshipped by all from Blondie to Edina Monsoon, is as nutty today as she was in the 70's. Age has not made her boring or conservative. Though I wouldn't dream of wearing these things, I have to admit that they are fun and actually good (in a conceptual modern art kind of way).


Survival of the fittest

Inspiration: Paris: "Shanna Attacked Me"
Images: Paris/Stavros & Shanna/Travis
Here is further confirmation that there are only two things that distinguish celebrities from the guests on Jerry Springer: money and plastic surgery.

Early Wednesday morning at Hyde, Shanna Moakler (ex-Miss USA) gave Paris Hilton the classic Springer smackdown in front of all their friends. The aftermath was captured by the stalkerazzi at TMZ. Jealous over Paris's fling with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Travis Barker, Shanna started 'screaming obscenities' and then punched Paris in the jaw -- a move I suspect Shanna learned from her other ex Oscar de la Hoya.

Though Travis was not there to witness the psychological and physical pain he has brought on the women in his life, Paris's loyal ex Stavros Niarchos was on hand to defend her from Shanna's coke-fuelled rage. Shanna alleged to the LAPD that Stavros dumped a drink on her head and then pushed her down some stairs. Paris also paid her friends at the department a visit to file her own complaint against Shanna. It's good to see that Paris's recent legal troubles did not instill in her the same fear of the LAPD that most other people have.

The only element missing from this story was chair throwing, or maybe Jell-O wrestling. However, I am surprised that Paris did not hit Shanna back. Either someone actually taught Paris that two wrongs don't make a right, or she is actually on probation for her DUI. Too bad though, because I do think Shanna is a crazy bitch. Good thing Stavros has no qualms committing violence against women!


Desperately seeking excuses...

Inspiration: drudgereport.com
Image: none, Republicans are ugly

So Matt Drudge has posted a new 'world exclusive' story, claiming that the Foley/page cybersex scandal was simply a practical joke gone awry. Sources claim that Jordan Edmund (the page) and his friends 'goaded' Foley into typing 'embarassing comments' for their own amusement. Then the saved conversations somehow found their way into 'enemy' (democratic) hands and were misinterpreted. Jordan's friends swear that he isn't actually gay, but just a prankster. Um right. This is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. How could a teenage congressional page 'goad' a Congressman into having fake cybersex with him? Why would a straight teenage boy spend so much time having homoerotic conversations with a middle-aged man? Clearly, Jordan is just upset that his once promising political future has been destroyed right along with Foley's. What use could the Republicans have for Jordan Edmund now? He has been outed. He is indiscreet. And now he's of legal age. Just useless. The best job he can hope for is guest starring as himself on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.


Paris Day 3 - Gaultier

Inspiration: retrospective
Images: style.com

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrated his 30th anniversary in business by offering a retrospective highlighting his most memorable (read: shocking) design moments before introducing his Spring 2007 collection. Here are some highlights of those highlights:

Though his new designs were not nearly as shocking to the audience as his cone bras were in the early 90's, Gaultier did manage to shock attendees when a plus size -- and I do not mean size 10 -- model sauntered down the runway in an getup reminiscent of Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie. Sadly, no one could be bothered to design a more flattering outfit for her. Of course, the Style.com review of the show did not even mention that model or even the one elderly model (even though she was thin). I guess if the online team at Vogue didn't have anything good to say, they chose not to say it.

Though I admire Gaultier for being the only major designer to address the weight debate directly on the runway this year, his point would have been better made by having numerous curvy models sharing the runway with the skinny girls. I am fairly certain that most people who dislike stick thin models do not actually want to see obese models instead. I know that I'd rather see Marilyn Monroe than Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid.'

Other than the unfortunate black lacey lingerie, most of Gaultier's new designs were colorful and bright. These clothes were more fun than sexy. There were neon babydoll dresses and sporty running suit looks morphed into outlandish Gaultier designs. Though Gaultier's clothes are difficult to wear, his shows are always a guaranteed good time. Besides, who wouldn't want a neon green taffetta flouncy ruffle dress with matching bloomers?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Paris, Day 3 - Balenciaga and Dior

Inspiration: the 24th century and odd bowl cut hair
Images: style.com

Someday soon I will go back and recap the highlights from the last two days of Milan and the first two days of Paris. But I don't want to fall any further behind, so I will jump straight into the Paris shows from yesterday.

Nicholas Ghesquiere, the head designer for Balenciaga, is not only dark and broodingly hot, but he is also a genius. Ghesquiere's designs are often clearly rooted in specific histories, as is the case with his fabulous Napoleonic military jackets. This season, however, Ghesquiere's inspiration was the future -- a sleek and shiny future. Though I loved the minimalism and the clean lines, at times the future was a bit too shiny. Ghesquiere is a genius but he is not flawless as a designer. Patent leather is not a material to be used so freely. It tends to photograph a bit like vinyl or pleather, which makes very expensive clothes look sort of tacky. But in case anyone could forget how pricey these clothes are, Ghesquiere was sure to add metallics to create the illusion of robotic armor. Sweet. It's the look I have always dreamed of working, and I can't wait to see Kate Moss parading around town in these ultra-skinny gold metallic leggings.

Quite different than Balenciaga's collection was Christian Dior, still led by John Galliano. Galliano has always been criticized for taking too couture an approach to ready-to-wear, resulting in commercially unviable collections. This season, it seems Galliano has finally internalized this criticism, and toned everything down. Unfortunately, 'toned down' resulted in a lot of boring. Drab old lady outfits, to be exact. The evening wear was better, but not particularly stunning. Also, the models looked like corpses, except for Bianca Balti, who did look like death, but with a tan.

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