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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Sad face

Top row: Jeffrey, Bottom row: Uli
Inspiration: injustice
Images: bravotv.com

A message to Jeffrey: stripes can ruin what otherwise would be a flattering design, and polka dots can make an ugly dress uglier. Uli should have won. Laura deserved 2nd place for her impressive detailing and how expensive she managed to make every piece look. Michael was bit too much with the tiger print and hot pink, but I still love him!


Oh no he didn't!

Inspiration: if you don't have anything good to say...
Images: Dr. Burke vs. Dr. O'Malley

So it's old news that Isaiah Washington gave Patrick Dempsey the smackdown on the Grey's set a couple weeks ago. However this week the National Enquirer has an important new detail to report. While he was busy choking Patrick, Isaiah allegedly said, "I’m not your little f*ggot like ____.” The Enquirer is pretending to have some journalistic integrity by not outing the actor to whom Isaiah was referring. But I have no such integrity. If Isaiah said this, and I don't want to believe that he did, but if he did, then he was referring to T.R. Knight, a.k.a. George. I'm not just saying this because T.R.'s character is a wimp and is therefore gay. I have a much more nuanced gaydar than that. Rather, I think Isaiah was referring to T.R. because other articles about the fight have already said that Isaiah said "something mean," which caused Patrick tell Isaiah to "pick on someone your own size," which caused Isaiah to grab Patrick by the throat. Charming.


Real estate is lucrative

Inspiration: 110-Building Site in N.Y. Sold to Speyer for $5.4 Billion
Image: Stuyvesant Town apartment complex

MetLife just sold 110 buildings on First Avenue between 14th and 23rd Sts to Jerry Speyer, chairman of Tishman Speyer. Speyer's company already owns the Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building, the MetLife building (ha), and dozens of other high profile commercial properties around the world. $5 billion of property is to Speyer what a Toyota probably is to most people. Of course, this is bad news for the residents of the rent-stabilized apartments that make up 75% of the 11,232 units involved in the deal. Manhattan is so expensive that you have to make over $175,000 two years in a row just to be expected to pay the market rate for a modest apartment.

Speyer's deal stipulates that at least 1600 units will be deregulated within the next 2 years, continuing a trend of deregulation the MetLife had already started. A previous NY Times write-up noted that an average 1-bdr apartment at the Stuyvesant Town complex (pictured above) is $1096 with rent control, while the market rate is $2406-3833 -- a price I find especially alarming since these buildings are hideous. If you told me they were in the projects, I'd believe you -- though I guess the market rate for the projects would be $2000 too. Eventually, I'm sure the whole area will be bulldozed and luxury condominiums will be built. The teachers and policemen who used to live there will just have to move to Brooklyn -- no, New Jersey, since Brooklyn is so 'hip' now.

Monday, October 16, 2006


This is why I love the BritishWelsh

Inspiration: though lovers be lost love shall not
Images: keiraknightley.net and lohanpictures.com

Keira Knightley's mother, Sharman MacDonald, has written a screenplay centering on a 1945 incident in which Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' friend Vera's husband laid siege on Dylan's home with machine guns and grenades after the men clashed earlier at a local pub. Though it would take more than bullets and explosives to bring down Dylan Thomas -- 18 straight whiskeys would eventually do the trick -- William Killick, an army captain (hence the weapons), was arrested and charged (unsuccessfully) with attempted murder. These events have become local legend, as residents of New Quay, Wales planned reenactments of the fight to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dylan's death.

Unfortunately, from the sources I've read so far, I'm still not sure what the cause of the fight actually was. The 'cleaner' version of the story, courtesy of the New Quay town site, blames the siege on William's anger over Dylan kicking him out of a bar because he was rude to Dylan's Russian friend. More interesting is the idea that the fight was sparked by William's disdain for the Thomases' 'bohemian' lifestyle -- this is the more provocative lens through which Keira's mom orients her screenplay.

Even though Keira took the part of Vera Phillips months ago, American media did not find this film newsworthy until today, when it was announced that Lindsay Lohan has joined the cast as Caitlin. According to Lindsay, Caitlin and Vera's relationship will have "somewhat of a lesbian undertone." I must admit my uncertainty over what "somewhat of a lesbian undertone" actually means. It must be more lesbionic than Desperate Housewives but less so than Xena. But were they so gay that they drove William Killick into a murderous rage? Can't wait to find out.

Of course, the big bloggers have hit the ground running with this story, gleefully announcing that Lindsay and Keira will "get it on!!!" Now, if by "get it on," they mean create an atmosphere of possibly historically unsubstantiated lesbian subtextual tension, then yes, Keira and Lindsay will get it on. Hot.

In case anyone was wondering, here are the real Dylan and Caitlin. Can't find a picture of Vera, but judging from the company she kept, she did not look like Keira Knightley. So if the producers have now cast Lindsay as Caitlin, then they should cast Jude Law or Colin Farrell, if realism is a must, as Dylan. It would only be fair.


For a good cause

Inspiration: putting the fun in fundraising
Image: crunk + disorderly

Vivica Fox and Lisa Rinna teamed up this weekend to raise money for domestic violence prevention, as it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, Vivica and Lisa raised this money by selling makeovers -- as if domestic violence isn't already sad enough! For the sake of all would-be philanthropists, let's hope that a Fox/Rinna makeover is limited to a haircut and a trip to the MAC counter.

To be honest, Lisa Rinna has always looked a bit off. From Days of Our Lives to Melrose Place to Dancing with the Stars, her lips have never been the same size twice. From the looks of this picture, Lisa also had cheek implants and/or blended her blush horribly, which makes the idea of receiving a makeover from her even less appealing. Vivica is actually the real disappointment, since she was once naturally beautiful. She doesn't look like Amanda Lepore (yet), but I wouldn't say Viv looks good either, given that her face barely moves. Though we all know that 'black don't crack,' Vivica definitely bought herself some extra insurance, along with these amazing gravity-defying boobs.

Given societal pressures, actresses can't allow themselves to just age naturally. Not even average women feel that the natural route is an option anymore. However, actresses could still age gracefully by listening to capable and ethical plastic surgeons (they are out there) when they say, "No." My theory is that the talented plastic surgeons refuse to do these unnecessary procedures, which forces actresses to turn to unscrupulous, but enterprising hacks who dispense boob jobs, facelifts, and the injectables with no questions asked. Seriously, haven't these people seen awfulplasticsurgery.com? Just stop already.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Paris, Day 6 - Christian Lacroix

Inspiration: polkadots and satin
Images: style.com

In the first three seasons of Absolutely Fabulous, Edina Monsoon always exclaimed, "It's Lacroix, sweetie. LACROIX!" in defense of her unflattering, kaleidoscopic outfits. What was true 10 years ago is still true today. Even Eddy has since defected to Burberry and Dior. As you can see, Lacroix is as flamboyant as ever. Look at the laces on those heels an the bold use of polkadots! Nonetheless, I like the men's bags, tennis shoes, and the few examples of women's wear that did not involve polkadots or overwheming layers of satin. As with most shows, you can always find a piece or two worth having, if you can look beyond the styling of the models.


The face of bravery

Inspiration: scotch & soda
Image: dlisted

Patricia Arquette and her husband, Thomas Jane, made an attention-getting appearance at a Johnnie Walker party recently. Though the unfortunate use of plaid in their outfits is balanced out by the cuteness of the couple's attempt to dress in theme, I am confused by Patricia's choice of this extremely low-cut strapless dress. I feel nervous just looking the picture. How could anyone feel comfortable wearing a dress like this with breasts like that? Did Patricia sit sedately all night, looking down periodically 'just in case' and anxiously adjusting her dress each time she had to stand? Or was she able to drink and dance the night away with her husband in spite of her precarious position? If so, was Patricia's confidence a result of industrial-strength double-sided tape, or the endless flow of free scotch at the party? Personally, I think it was the scotch, but if Patricia actually did find a tape that could support that amount of weight, she deserves a big endorsement deal -- as long as she promises not to wear any more plaid.

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